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Crave Culinary Collective Inc. is an incubator kitchen dedicated to supporting the development and growth of food and beverage entrepreneurs by providing access to quality affordable work space and industry-specific support services. It is our mission to offer simple solutions to the struggles these companies face, in their workplace and their daily operations, creating an opportunity for a more sustainable…
Serving an underserved population, girl gamers are at the forefront of stigma and stereotypes. Having a great time in the gaming industry can become a good way to blow off steam and make friends. That's why I believe in making a crowdfunded platform for girl gamers that understand the need for change in the gaming community.It will serve as a…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Other
Looking for investors and marketers for a new Employment website. This is a brand new Venture.Connecting Job seekers & employers in a cost effective and productive manner that is mutually beneficial.Technical, computer programming, & fintech jobs will be the main focus.
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
High end skin care line generates some revenue, seek marketer partnership investor to boost the business. Detail website will provide with potential interest partner only.
Looking for: Biz developer
We have created the most advanced 3D virtual world technology for mobile devices. It is fully working and tested with 200.000 users.Using the Lean methodology we have been testing the online events sector and we have confirmed that there is a market for that. We have examples and some small revenue.As it is not our core business we are looking…
Looking for: Biz developer, Sales person
We are an IT and digital marketing company offering wide range of services. I need business associates in different parts of the world. To know more1. Write me at my email help . nris at gm ail dot c om2. Skype me at ID: SQAGURU
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 Our mission is to create the "Facebook of the Tourism industry“ with the combined integrated functionality of Oracle, SAP, Twitter, LinkedIn, SalesForce.com… We want to bring the International Tourism's Internet Of Things to one single "integrated and powerful" platform! It’s the demand & supply of the world's tourism industry accessed from ONE place!!!