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Inda Platform is a website that connects owners of Digital Signage networks and advertisers. Digital Signage is a modern way to communicate with customers through flat digital screens placed in eye catching locations, especially in publicly attended places like bars, pubs, fitness clubs or shopping malls. This growing media sector is still immature but have very promising future. We are going…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Prompt Comp will aggregate commonly used financial data to quickly compare similar companies without spending hours digging through scattered data resources on the web. The website will utilize YQL from the start and pull publicly available data for the user to screen for their analysis. Eventually want help writing an algorithm to rate the relevance of the comp set.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Import and export portal, that will take the import and export industry to the next level by creating a smart social tool that will rate all parties involved in the process.More info in a privet conversation.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
A simple clean and minimal bug tracking system
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Other
I am going to build a product which will help people find cure for their medical condition.