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Online service that will provide the best customer service, business development and job resources for fitness professionals.
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Imagine a platform that displays multiple versions of a professional’s resume and highlights from their life’s work—each version shareable with recruiters, employers, and other professional contacts. Imagine if this platform were easy and robust—and pointed to a domain bearing just that person’s name. PinnacleWebsite.com is the job-seeking tool of the 21st century, designed for jobseekers and professionals with jobs but…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
High Quality Referrals with Recursive Rewards:No matter where someone is in the referral chain, they should be rewarded for insights on great candidates or employers. Your peers may not know the right person for the job, but their contacts can open up promising talent communities. Motivate those outside your immediate circle of peers by offering them an equal part of the…