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Creating a new unique platform about self development for your body, mind and soul. Presenting the information in a new way using specific tools and trends to make them go viral. Using Videos, Facebook-Ads, Instagram-Ads and Seo.
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Are you at a cool new bar and want to invite your friends? Send a GreatView. - Are you writing travel content and want to bring the places in your photos to life for readers? Post to the GreatView map. - Want to share that new scenic hiking trail with your friends? Post a GreatView. With the GreatView app, I…
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1. Idea - Everybody has a special skill but where to place or to advertise? - respectively is there a place where to look for all kinds of services near you, citywide, countrywide, worldwide?For everybody able to register who is looking for the missing puzzle piece for his own project, other private purposes or either who wants to offer a…