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The site has lauched just a couple of days ago, yet I have felt a strong interest from artists all over to have an online exhibition. Gallerisso will be the most prestigious websites out there having exhibitions online. It will include an annual "Gallerisso Prize" to artists for making something extraordinary. The Gallerisso exhibition and it's prize is something every…
Looking for: Designer, Engineer
My idea is to use a bluetooth 4.0 to control most popular cameras (Nikon, Canon, etc.) via mobile app.
Looking for: Developer
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Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
We are developing a new platform for photographers from around the world to collaborate, receive bookings or just share their photography with the world. Best-in class commissions paid to photographers in case of sales. For just displaying a small yearly fee is applicable. Cooperation with some printing houses already established, all the way from advertising kit to fine art prints.What…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager
We are reinventing online photo printing.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Lots of cool Instagram photos on your phone- Just taken a cool snap on your photo at a school reunion. What if you could print out a picture from your phone while out and about in nightclubs, coffee shops, tourist attractions, work parties in less than 2 mins. Its the party photo booth in the smartphone age!The mobile photo vending…
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The game designer in me loves goal oriented apps.As a mobileographer, I love taking photos, but sometimes I just don't know what to take photos of.As I wake up each morning, I want a photo app to give me one simple goal, one daily theme/topic to help me on my way.I will start to discover the visual world in a…
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An iPhone photo app to make 4 photos in a row, just like in a real photobooth. After taking the four pictures, it should generate one big picture out of them by adding white borders around each single picture and displaying them in a bit overlapped way - as if the photos where spread on a table...People could use the…