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The idea is a simple camera thet replacing The traditional scanner by using image recognition of an object instead of QR code. No need for barcods printing And various hardware maintenance
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instead of reciving a recipt for a transaction people & business, swipe a card or quote a unique number.The information can then be sent to the ATO, Used to make a refund or item swap, track spending and budgeting personal and business.Eveyday people are asked if they have a store card or loyalty card, Flybuy?everyday rewards/ coffee cards the list…
Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
FingerDine International is a cross-border South Africa-India conglomerate that offers an Innovative Integrated Customer Engagement Platform for the Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare Industry. The company’s vision is to be a Leader in Customer Engagement Platform for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare. FingerDine embraces latest and fastest growing Tablet and Mobile Marketing Technologies along with the Social Media Engagement and help the client in achieving its goals for improving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing customer…