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Looking for: Designer, Developer
we have ideas for developing many awesome games, including level based games as well some ideas include creating educational based games which would make people learn as they play. and simple arcade based gameswe have awesome ideas for some mobile apps too like 1. food app - where people in a place, enter food preference and get a list of restuarants…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
Develop a coherent, simple and meticulously detailed AR apps. for various markets.The mission is to save time and efforts. Provide an enriching experience.The vision is to give an exhaustive information, based on personal preferences/customization.The values are the constant research on a product's improvement, in order to convey a memorable experience. Engage and deliver to the customers's expectations.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer
Web service will help mobile developers to pick keywords automatically, which in turn will enable their applications and games to take the leading places in the search results for relevant queries in the App Store. Monetization: 1. Basic features will work for free. 2. 14-days demo version of professional plan 3. Tariff plans: basic; standard; professional The idea is very scalable,…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
Provide high quality and time delivery to fortune 500 customers. Develop software in Embedded, Cloud and Mobile Apps space.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
This will be a popular add-on for dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, etc.. The app will consist of pictures and a rating system with several other options as well.I want this also to have some anayltical user properties. This is a great opportunity in a hot growth market.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer, Sales person
A self-serve platform that looks like an SaaS offering, but offers businesses state-of-the-art MOBILE services such as in-app call center, proximity notifications, mobile loyalty, lead capture, video FAQ's, mobile CRM and more.  What is VERY unique is that businesses can offer these services to their customers IMMEDIATELY with NO development, NO special skills required, and NO startup costs.  App-as-a-Service subsciption…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
We believe that great people who do great things should hang out and achieve more together.We want to create more collisions of these people all around the world, and spark new realtionships that will help them achieve their visions and accelerate their positive impact.To do that, we are building a global invite-only network of young innovators, techies & creatives who…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
Hello ppl,I'm Starting-up an Mobile Game Business that specialize in making action games and I have an Mobile game idea that i wanted to get built. What I done already is: Creating an Business Plan, Found an Outsource Company to help me develop the game, Have others in the making . I do not plan to make any AAA or console…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
Looking for like minded people to start up a mobile game development company in Switzerland (no plattform restrictions). Starting with simple/casua (social) games to generate revenue and moving into more complex games later.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I have an idea for a simple wearable Bluetooth LE device that connects to smartphones and alerts users when they receive texts, calls, emails, etc. The device would be a simple accessory i.e. a bracelet that can be worn to alert users with vibration and/or lights in any situation where they either cannot or would not want to pull out…