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Looking for: Developer, Marketer
Cinemaloop platform is an alternative (i.e. think Flixster + Okcupid) transparent, convenient and social web/mobile app experience that helps connect the multi-millions of movie fans worldwide that are searching for movie companionship vs. their only current inconvenient option of classified ads.Find out more here: https://angel.co/cinealoop-1
Looking for: Designer, Developer
FAST AND SEXY – Website to be built in one weekendNetflix is about to launch in Germany on the 16th of September. There are a few competitors like Maxdome, Watchever and Amazon Instant. Unfortunately you can not see what movies or series are available on the platforms if you do not register. Problem: I registered for Watchever and only saw B…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
There are numerous sites which teach about basic development, javascript, some other languages. These can help individuals to get some idea of the technology stack. Still to build a product which provides best UX, is scalable and maintainable, a good design is what makes all the differenceIf this idea interests you, then please email meI will add more details in…