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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer
Greetings,I am looking to build a team of passionate and well verse individuals to parachute in and help me spearhead this project to build an men's and women apparel line. Being skilled at creating concepts for the consumer to purchase, and understanding trends is part of the brick and motors to create a line. With the help of a Business…
Looking for: Developer
I have 4 startups ideas that could be lucrative. Unfortunately i can’t say too much here, due to being scared for someone stealing an idea. If you are interested and are striving to build up a big company, feel free to contact me and you might get in touch with our team.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
In my profile I beifly describe how Ive developed websites that were primarily media/humor/entertainment based and scrapped them due to the large amount of already-established sites. For years, I have approched friends/family with the 'Always be thinking of a UNIQUE idea/service for a WEBSITE that isnt out there'. Now... Finally I believe that I have come up with just that.…