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Maintaining a home is hard. Homeowners just don't know what maintenance to do, when to do it, or how to get it done.So things break. And homeowners lose time and money on repairs that could have been prevented.Homebuddy makes home care easy. We develop a custom maintenance plan for your home, send you reminders when it's time for maintenance, and…
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Krafty allows its users to book home maintenance instantaneously through to a mobile app, a website, and even by SMS. Whether you're locked out of your house, and need a locksmith. Or if you wake up with a flooded kitchen and need a plumber. Krafty guarantees a specialist intervention at your home, shop, or office in less than an hour.…
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esPronto is a revolutionary mobile app that aims to make life easier and more convenient for people's daily tasks. Looking for somebody to move your couch? Clean your pool? Bring you a bottle of water on a hot day? esPronto connects both task providers and seekers to get your errands done quickly and efficiently by people in your neighborhood.