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Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Product manager
A social networking platform to showoff to the world - 'the real you'. Here people connect for or with their goals and create teams to accomplish. Goal tracking process is gamified and completion becomes collective responsibility. Moreover the tedious tasks are translated into fun filled steps. Achievements are not just celebrated but recognized.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
My idea is to create a website which will help people to achieve their goals. We all know that it is much easer to achieve your goal if you tell about it to your friends. Even more, if you promise to gift something for yourself when the goal will be achieved.¬†Therefore, I am looking for partner who will help…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Need a technical co-founder in Bangalore city who can help me in development of the product, generate great product ideas and also help in marketing and business development aspect of the startup. A good technical background is a must and a prior startup experience will be like cherry on the cake.Currently I am working on a prototype for a platform…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Just realized that there are hardly any SF Bay area talent in this site for some reason.. so would rather not share my idea. Would love to talk to any dev talent to see if there is shared interest. 
Looking for: Developer
A goal management platform that works in three simple steps:1. State what you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve it. (i.e. know specifically what your goal is, and understand your motivations) 2. Break it down into its core elements and assign timescales. (i.e.  get your head around the commitment before you start and focus on the next step,…