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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
Problem*(children), teenagers, men and women who want to lose weight and/or build up muscles have no clear idea of what they, and precisely they with their complete unique body from head to toe, might look like later when they would or want to take the path of a body transformation. In addition, many of them lack the initial motivation to…
The future of virtual gaming, lose the constraints of being connected to PC/limited to only 1 room in your house. A new platform that could rival all major market systems this may be "just an idea" but i truly believe that with the right people this could be the future of games with endless applications.
Looking for: Developer
Unique 3D Person online RPG, relatively small scale. Looking for someone to join the Startup with Unreal experience to assemble the prototype using Unreal Engine 4.Environment, characters and animations etc.. are already in development.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Hi, We have developed a system that measures body sizes from one's selfie and accordingly generates the user's body mesh to simulate a clothe on the selfie. To take the system to the production level, we'd like to team up with someone passionate or interested in building a physics engine for simulation and/or real time rendering engine.  To go live…