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Looking for: Developer
App-App is designed to help restaurants obtain new clientele without being subject to the traditional predatory fee rates that are commonplace (35-75% of bill). By having a subscription app for users to receive a complimentary appetizer once per day - this allows restaurants to control their own marketing costs, offer a fun perk to new clients, and encourage repeat visits.…
Looking for: Developer
Box’d Fresh is a young and dynamic e-commerce company that is revolutionising the food industry. Our mission is to inspire people to cook healthy meals using fresh ingredients, by allowing customers to select recipes each week. We deliver all the ingredients needed in pre-measured portions, eliminating food wastage.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
Homegrown Me wants to disrupt the food industry. The food industry is dominated by mass production, artificial ingredients and chemicals. Homegrown Me wants to put the people back into the food process, and not just as the people who sit on the board or operate the machines, but front and center. People who care about what they grow and make…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Redefining comfort and ease in F&B experience. Currently working on brand development and UI and UX research. I hope work with someone with tech "know-how" (programming, flow chart, development strategies) on this project soon as I really want to start developing the system for beta release somewhere end of year - early next year. If you're interested to know more,…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
ReapEat is a mobile application designed to connect commercial food providers with eaters in a strategic and beneficial way for both parties. Business plan will be shared upon conversation.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Our product is the go to cooking application on your mobile device. We track what you have, what you can make with it, what else you need to make it, when you will make it and will tell you what you need to get it done. Users will discover new dishes, reduce food waste and be able to contribute their…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Hi My name Is Ahmet Oztan And I want to solve the Ingredients problem. If I scan a barcode of a (food)product tell me please Can I consume it or not?, Is this Halal or Not, Is this healthy or not, I have Allergy can I consume it. I can solve this issue with Big Data & Cloud solution. I'm…
Looking for: Advisor
Oh yes, you see that right!!! I want to create an app/product from where i can download food. This is just my imagination. "How ?" i'm still looking for this answer. I need someone who can think on these lines. yeah i know it seems impossible, but sometimes you have to trust your own MADNESS.  Thanks,