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Looking for: Designer, Developer
Paperless workflow application designed to support UK companies.Give SMEs the tools to not only be compliant with Companies Act regulations but support them to promote good governance.I have done market research and already have clients that will benefit from this product.I've got STACKS of experience in the industry (qualified accountant and award winning business mentor) but no idea about design…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Sales person
An online club for (vetted) early adopters where they can hang out and be competitive with other early adopters, get beta invites pushed to them without having to find them or even wait to be vetted by each indivisual startupConditions of participation are regular and quality feedback regarding the beta invites we obtain for them on a preferential basis
Looking for: Developer
If you are a fantastic iPhone developer that loves the user and are interested in participating as a co-founder in a lean  equity only statup then lets talk. Phase 1 combines location based technology with expert-crowd source content authoring that is scalable, self sustaining and will provide a mechanism to create various subscription services and or free offerings to various…