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Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
Eatyn is a marketplace and community for people to dining out. We are connecting everyday chefs who would make dinner and lunch and market through the Eatyn platform. We hope Eatyn can disrupt restaurant industry similar to what Airbnb did for hotels. We have done with the development of the web platform and mobile apps for diners and hosts. Started…
Looking for: Advisor, Product manager, Other
Creating a company to fulfill a glaring need in the language translation market (a need that I have seen, and am currently experiencing in Colombia) -- a global problem. There are others trying to fill part of this gap, but no one doing what I'm suggesting. And even if there happens to be a company out there with the exact…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
EatSocial is a tool to take the hassle out of finding a restaurant, inviting friends and collecting payment for a dinner at a restaurant.EatSocials can be private or allow open invitation for friends of friends.Having dinner at an EatSocial is like buying a cinema ticket - you pay in advance and there is splitting of bills after the dinner.