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Looking for: Engineer
Really revolutionary idea! of the scanners market.More information subject to the signing NDA form
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer
Our patent pending products combine Android Devices, GPS, processors and sensors that will provide the ability to navigate accurately indoors and outdoors. In addition it will also detect moving dangers in all 360 degrees and stationary obstacles well in advance of one coming in contact with them providing directions to avoid those obstacles. It recognizes steps going up or down.…
Looking for: Developer
Imagine, you wake up one morning knowing you need to be at the most important meeting in your life by 9am. As you get into your car and turn it on it pulls data in from the clouds. You are greeted by a voice saying "Goodmorning 'user', there is a freight train blocking your usual route to work. Might I…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager
Utilise a series of computer vision techniques involving real time content based identification and retrieval in order to deliver tailored in-game advertisements to the users. This opens up the number of advertising sports and makes such advertisements relevant to the audience which views them. Co-founder will ideally know about various implementations of computer vision algorithms including image manipulation and recognition.