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The future of virtual gaming, lose the constraints of being connected to PC/limited to only 1 room in your house. A new platform that could rival all major market systems this may be "just an idea" but i truly believe that with the right people this could be the future of games with endless applications.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Carerfy is a carer on demand service connecting you with trusted care companions during your most vulnerable moments in life.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
An android app that disables your GSM and puts phone on vibrate as soon as you activate it. It allows you to find its users within 20feet sitting next to you and you can chat only using bluetooth. It is also useful for movies that allow you to tweet during the movie screening and order pop-corn without leaving your seat.
Looking for: Developer
a unique app for use within a existing field once ready for integratiojn with payments and for market has the backing of a major UK bank..The right co-founder will need good skills in programming ios,android and windowsw mobile.The right person will be given an equity swap deal, which you will see has excellent potential.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
Stomach Smart gives users the choice to eat the food with ingredients that suit their dietary requirements. Whether it be for a health kick, alergy, intolerance or for religious reasons Stomach Smart has a interface that is maps based allowing the user to see the food in their area, personalised for the users needs. The user gets the convience of…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
NEXI Internet Television is a network of high quality Internet TV shows, produced exclusively for an internet audience, distributed globally across multiple platforms. The plan is to create a wide range of community driven, Internet Television networks that produce original, high quality, high definition shows that are broadcast to a super engaged and targeted audience. Our shows will be distributed…