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Looking for: Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person
Hi! I am a freelance graphic/website designer looking to expand my business. I am currently doing website design and other graphic design collateral for ad agencies. I'd like to shift my focus to work directly with clients. I'm not great with sales so I need someone who can compliment my skill set! It would great to find someone who has…
Looking for: Developer
Still in stealth mode, but close to a soft launch.The platform is designed and the front end is built. We have most of the code for the backend built and we need a great developer to help us finish the last 10% and get us launched and beyond. Early hire with equity.
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
Our site acts as an intermediary between the users and the online bookmaker(s). Each user will have a profile on our site where he will receive cash back/rebates on their bets placed with the most trusted online bookmakers in Australia. We are just giving back part of the affiliate commission bookmakers pay through referrals. I've launched the site about 1…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Other
We are an international translator. …but we instead of translating between languages, we translate between businesses. My company works with businesses --- specifically small to medium sized wholesale buyers and sellers --- to facilitate, streamline and expedite the import/export process. Buying and selling is a simple thing within your own country. When you seek to do business in the global…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
MyHub is a platform where a business can market and promote their content with creative freedom through photos and videos to present and share with users with “relatively” real time activity. Snapchat has proven people want to live in the moment, let local businesses promote their content and redefine what active marketing is. Whenever media is posted a pointer appears…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
I created a truly unique social site that allows business professionals to network, music artists can profit from their music, attend events, accumulate reward points for networking, get paid to comment on videos/photos, and get paid more to share content to facebook. What is so unique about the website is we have a Network Marketing pay plan that allow you…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
An app that helps and motivates you to be a better person each day. On the other hand, it is an advertising platform for various brands.interesting logic and algorithm involved to stimulate users to participate and get in touch with businesses. Prototype is on the way. Looking for mobile app developer and designer to create powerful team.
Looking for: Developer, Other
A platforms which lists Fashion designers, review them and promote them on the basis of their ratings. Helping them to meet more customers. Local search engine dedicaded to promote fashion sense through the fine set of bloggers.
Hey Folks, I am just about to complete my minimum viable product for my online startup. I am looking for a Developer Co-founder and someone that can dedicate time to business development in exchange for equity. I am based out of Melbourne. I have already received several funding offers however at this stage I am more interested in getting the…
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
Location-based information system for travellers and for shopping addicted people (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.travelnotes.nedol). We can deploy landing page on the app's map and make it accessable for user offline. It's possible to advertise any object that could be tied to its location (store, hotel, restaurant etc) in various multimedia formats - web, audio, pdf, gpx.