Marketer (30)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

About me

Sales person
This idea needs a person with strong data-crunching skills and business know-how to lead the way. As an analytical digital marketer I can be of major value by measuring if the start-up is still on the right track. I can be the visionary behind the game who ensures that the strategy aligns with the needs of our community.

More about me:
w w w . s t i j n v a n l i e s h o u t . c o m
I made a pitch deck, have a fully functioning product demo ready and am visiting as many tech / co-founder meetups as possible. I'm all-in and really want to find my partner in the upcoming months, preferable weeks.
I was born on August 10, 1990 and grew up in Sint Anthonis, a little village in Holland. After finishing secondary school I decided I wanted to combine traveling and learning wherever possible. I think I succeeded. I took a gap year to work as a ski instructor in Austria (learned German) and worked as a travel guide for a surf camp in France. I got a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen, did an exchange semester in Lima (learned Spanish) and am about to finish an Msc in Digital marketing (1st class honours) in Dublin. Throughout my studies I also worked as a sales representative for Samsung, did a marketing internship for an Indian outsourcing company in Bangalore, helped out a variety of SME’s with their digital strategies and wrote guest blogs on business insider and BigDataStartups. I am always on the move and feel fortunate to have seen so much of the world already. But now I am about to graduate I am ready for the next challenge: I want to build a tech start-up from the ground up and take it around the world. An ambition I have had from a very young age onwards. But I can’t do this all by myself. I need a talented developer alongside me who is just as passionate and driven as I am. Read more about me on my website w w w . s t i j n v a n l i e s h o u t . c o m
over time (>40h/week)
up to 5.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Developer
half time (20h/week)