FantaMaster - Fantasy Football -
Interview with co-founder Pasquale Puzio

What’s the problem your startup is solving and how are you solving it?

We operate in the Fantasy Football industry, in particular in the Italian market where the passion for fantasy football is huge, with emphasis on mobile platforms. Back in 2015, all major players in Italy were not providing a mobile application to play Fantasy Football, and if the few who did, weren't providing a great product. So we decided to enter the market with a brand new mobile-based approach. That was the beginning of FantaMaster.

How did you come up with the idea for FantaMaster? And how did it change over time (if it did)?

I've always been very passionate about football and fantasy football. When I saw that in 2015 there was no decent application for fantasy football players, I decided to create one from scratch. We started with a simple idea: create an application containing all necessary information in one place (news, statistics, lineups, ratings, live scores, etc.), then we also started working on tournaments, in order to engage our users even more.

At what stage did you start looking for a co-founder?

After publishing the first version of the app in August 2015 (iOS only at the time), I got great feedback from many users and the app was growing fast and without any marketing effort. So after a few months, once the Android version was online too, I started looking for a co-founder specialized in online marketing.

Tell us about your matching experience with Founder2be.

I have to say it was great. It helped find the right person in a couple of weeks. Thank you guys!

How did you guys launch? Please briefly describe your path towards revenue and where you are today.

When we started as a team, both apps were already online, but as I said I didn't do any marketing efforts. After Marco joined me as a co-founder, we started testing several marketing channels until we decided to focus on social media campaigns and influencers. Of course, at the same time we kept improving our product day by day, and we're still doing that today. We provide a freemium app, so we monetize mainly through advertising, but we also sell in-app purchases providing advanced features and premium content. We still have a lot of work to do to optimize our revenue streams, but we're already in a good shape: we are a team of 8 people now, and we've become the second (in terms of users) player of the industry in Italy.

What did you like best about using Founder2be to find your co-founder? (In general and compared to other ways of finding a co-founder?)

I believe the experience with Founder2be was very straightforward, it's incredible how many people willing to join a startup I could find.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start a startup (or join one)? Both in terms of what to look for in a co-founder as well as what the early strategy should be for your startup once you found one?

The most important advice is to go to the market and start getting feedback as soon as possible. Start with a simple and interesting product (aka MVP) and keep working on it until you find the right product-market fit. And most important, learn by your mistakes (which will be many) and keep working hard.

Feel free to speak to anything else that you think would be interesting for others to hear as well.

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