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How I met my co-founder on Founder2be

TechStar's Cureo - Easily buy affordable art

Maida tried many sources (meetups, intros, etc.) looking for a co-founder before. Having signed up at Founder2be, she received a lot of inquiries and was very active herself reaching out to potential co-founders. After interviewing many candidates, she met with Abid who stood because of his technical experience at Orbitz. Herself an MBA candidate at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business with experience in Angel Investing and Venture Capital, the two joined forces as CEO & CTO and haven’t looked back since.

FantaMaster - Play Fantasy Football

Back in 2015, all major players in Italy were not providing a mobile application to play Fantasy Football, and if the few who did, weren't providing a great product. So we decided to enter the market with a brand new mobile-based approach. That was the beginning of FantaMaster.

Jamifind - Find fellow musicians

The original idea came from Slobodan as he was looking for help for his "Jam with Me"-app. The idea was to organise jams that would show on a map and people could join in and start networking. Soon after emailing we met for a few weeks and had numerous brainstorming sessions where we thought about different angles and possible monetizing models to develop the idea further. During the summer of 2014 the idea of the "market place" for musicians and music teachers started to become clearer and that's how Jamifind was born.

Language Accelerator completes their founding team and gets investment from Skype's founding engineer

Mait was working at CERN smashing protons together. He got frustrated smashing his head against existing solutions trying to learn French. So he wrote a prototype in C++, learned French in just 200h and passed the same exam taken after 12 years of high-school with very good grades.

Together with his co-founders Andres, Ott and Hannes, they got investment from Skype's founding engineer and launched their startup's beta.

Ex-Rocket Internet entrepreneur & Cambridge MBA start Sponsoo

Andreas was doing his MBA at the University of Cambridge and Bela was still working for the European Incubator Rocket Internet in Bangladesh. This meant we did not have the time to attend multiple networking events to recruit co-founders there but rather relied upon the internet.

By now, we successfully launched our Beta version and are highly committed to building Europe's #1 online platform for sports marketing. We also get along very well personally. All of this would not have been possible without an initial intro over Founder2be.

Success story: Déjàmor - From 0 to 6 figure revenues in less than a year

We had the chance to sit down with, co-founder of Déjàmor and ask him about the early days of their startup and what it took to go from 0 to 6 figure revenues in less than a year. Here’s from Rodrigo and Chris, another successful match, who went on to create Déjàmor which has since become a steady source of recurring revenue.

A match made in heaven: Idea from Startup Weekend, Co-founder from Founder2be, MVP developed in the United States

Andrew attended the Startup Weekend in Boulder, Colorado and that’s where he came up with the idea for a job search engine taking into account the fit of a candidate’s personality with a job opening originated.

Being a developer himself, he started coding and soon after began looking for a marketing co-founder. Having discovered Founder2be, he posted his idea online and soon matched with Ricky from San Francisco. Together they launched the MVP for their startup.

Success story from Australia: Interview with FindMyTradey co-founder Joshua

The best thing about Founder2be was the connections that I established within the Sydney Australia Start Up scene. I had sent short messages to a few people with similar interests to myself on the site. Following these emails I was invited to several meetups around Sydney and this truly helped me on my path to entrepreneurship. The other great thing about Founder2be was the feedback I received after I posted my idea. People actually seemed to like my idea which was very validating and gave me a confidence boost to keep going.

How Jude from Student Develop found his co-founders on Founder2be

More and more people began contacting Jude about his idea, which he always made sure was well described on Founder2be. As Jude says "It is a very positive signal any prospective co-founder should have in mind when finding partners online." So, he started having Skype calls with multiple co-founder candidates, before deciding who to work with as a co-founder. This is how he did it.

Another match: Perry and Pawel co-found GeoRun

GeoRunPerry, the bizz kidd, and Pawel, the whizz kid, are the co-founders of GeoRun. Together, they develop innovative mobile games which are played in the real world. Their social activation concepts are used to realize exciting marketing campaigns.

Perry had just finished his masters in entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and was looking for a more technical co-founder. He connected with Pawel via Founder2be and after some initial Skype calls, the two realized they shared many values and wanted to build the same type of company. The very next day, Pawel traveled to The Netherlands and they have been working together since.

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