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WhichAirline – a different twist on air travel search

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WhichAirline was founded 2010 by the Czech-based entrepreneur couple Barbora Nevosádová and Lukáš Nevosád. The two are enthusiastic travelers who want to make searching for flights easier and faster. Air travel has become pretty common and in the wake of the rapid growth of no-frills airlines and more recently the financial crunch, the demand for cheap tickets is ever greater. WhichAirline addresses the needs of all travelers but in particular those on the outlook for savings.

There are countless search engines for air travel out there, so WhichAirline had to excel in one way or another. The problem with many websites they compete with is that they do not necessarily include low-cost carriers such as Ryanar or Wizzair in search results and thereby do not always offer the cheapest alternatives. Moreover, what is dominant is a heavily text-based interface and somewhat chaotic search results ranging from regular flights to offers that, frankly, no one would book. All this may leave the user confused. And that is where WhichAirline thought there is work to be done - focus on user-friendliness. "It takes way too long to plough through the results. So we thought we would make a new, more pleasant take on air ticket search. First of all, we got rid of spam results. Why display flights no one would even conceive of booking? That is why we introduced what we call a Quality Line dividing the good stuff and flights that are either too expensive or too long (or both). Secondly, all information is visualized so that one can compare price and duration of various flights easily and choose the one that suits ones needs." said Barbora Nevosádová Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of WhichAirline.

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Since WhichAirline was launched, the web has been undergoing constant improvements and there are a number of new features which the startup has right now in development. For instance the users will be able to receive automated messages whenever a discounted airfare is available on the route that they are interested in. Furthermore the websites look&feel will be more improved to have an overview showing the best days of air travel on a given route. If you do plan your next flight, have a look at WhichAirline and check it out.