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Meetings with Results. AgreeDo the meeting minutes optimizer.

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Ever be bored about writing meeting minutes? If so, AgreeDo a german startup from Munich could be worth to have a look at. An interessting study on this subject was published by Microsoft. They surveyed 38,000 people in 200 countries, and they discovered that the average employee spent 5.6 hours each week in meetings and 69 percent of these employees feel that meetings aren’t productive. AgreeDo wants to improve that situation.

The service helps you to prepare meeting agendas, to write useful meeting minutes and to track the results of meetings. The service captures all relevant information in meetings, like tasks, decisions, or important issues, and sends them to all relevant participants.

After the meeting, you have the possibility to track the progress of the tasks you delegated to your team, as well as to update the progress of your own tasks.

You can use "follow-up" meetings to create a new agenda based on the one of the last meeting. This helps you to track the issues which were discussed last time.

AgreeDo was founded by Robert Siebeck and Hannes Heckner - former colleagues. The first steps towards the current service steps back to 2009. Right now the service is free of charge. Plans for the next 3 up to 6 month is the introduction of premium features which then have to be paid. Agreedo gets used by big players like IBM, CISCO, Forrester, UniSA and many others.