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Mangatar the social gaming universe

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Mangatar is a social game in the manga universe. Technically it is a collectible card game where people can fight against each other. Players can create customized characters, prepare their game deck, improve their avatars’ skills, collect special cards and powerful items and challenge other users in one-to-one clashes or in group missions.

Mangatar has been online at since May 2012 and currently has more than 40,000 registered users from all over the world.

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The team at Mangatar has been working together for over three years - they are five co-founders and one employee who works as a front-end-developer and search engine optimization (SEO). The idea to Mangatar came up because they wanted to work on something that they like. "In our team, we are all fans of manga comics, anime cartoons, video games and movies so, at some point, the choice was quite natural for us: we abandoned the boring B2B software development and we joined the dark side of software: video games :) ." said Raffaele Gaito, co-founder of Mangatar.

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Mangatar just got a seed investment from Italian investors and they are going to release the new version of Mangatar (called “Dengen Chronicles“) in few weeks. This new version will have big changes in game dynamics, graphical interface and development technologies! Furthermore a mobile version for iOS and Android is planned additionally a Facebook integration will be added to go viral.

You can already sign-up for the beta on

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