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Munich, Germany

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Product manager
Solving complex problems (not always of an IT nature)
IT Architecture, design and product development
Swarmcloud will put exascale computing in the hands of industry & research at prices that are an order of magnitude less than at present.

We are setting up shop in Munich and I am looking for a local Biz Developer to join us for just a few hours per week (initially) but able to increase their commitment as we approach commercialisation. As such this is a zero-risk ask, so let's chat.

If you are a junior developer with some C++, Scala, NodeJS, or just interested to learn and want to chat about how we could work together drop me a line.

If you are a senior developer or someone with a background in Computational Chemistry, Biology, Geoscience (we have a top expert advising in reservoir-related computation) or Engineering (all computational!) please get in touch as we will need to develop demonstration suites. Even if you are an astrophysicist - we would still love to chat.
Chief Architect for one of the London-based operations of the world's largest consultancy (not allowed to say who on social media). Have worked on major projects for many European & North American blue-chips and have initiated significant "intrepreneurial" activity within the company.
I have also been involved in startups focusing on Agroforestry and Waste to Energy.
over time (>40h/week)
more than 20.000

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