Sales person (33)
Barcelone, Spain

About me

Sales person
Biz developer
I developed my idea of a holistic health marketplace
Heartgrain is an innovative platform that brings together all professionals of holistic health in an international and specialized online eco system. The platform provides remote consultation services & procedures and connects health professionals with those seeking holistic and natural well being.
The marketplace is wordpress based and up and running!

We have a gorgeous Graphic designer who joined Heartgrain as well as our lead developer that is working on our new platform that will have many more features than just the marketplace as it is now. I look for one more skilled and curious person that would like to join a promising futuristic (health idea)
Developer, app developer, back end developer,

First Experience in:
Node, Express and REST
Vue, React or Angular2/4/5
Database (any)
Web technology (e.g. tooling, protocols, frameworks or libraries)
Some Knowledge of:
Agile development
Software engineering
Challenges of scalable web sites/apps
Native or hybrid apps implementation
Interest in some of these:
UX, UI design
Server Security
Using online project tools (JIRA, Confluence)
Technologies like Websockets, WebRTC, AI chatbots

No full time required can be a side project or a full project for you. if you like the idea then we will discuss all the details together!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Marketing and Sales in Software companies, community Management and startup experience!
full time (40h/week)
up to 5.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Designer
  • Developer
half time (20h/week)

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