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I am the founder of Partake – an early stage mobile app startup. I started my career in the Global Risk Management Group at American International Group (AIG) after graduating from the University of Rochester. As an Underwriter at AIG, I developed and designed risk transfer programs that help clients better assess their operational liabilities across various macro-economic and geo-political risk scenarios. I left AIG after a couple of years to join Mercer Investment Consulting. At Mercer, I provided institutional investors with strategic asset allocation and investment risk-return analysis. I left Mercer in 2012 to attend the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. While at Darden, I was actively involved in several successful entrepreneurial projects and a member of the Batten Entrepreneurial Institute. Through the Institute, I consulted for one of Israel’s most prominent accelerators and helped successfully launch one of their incubated companies into the US market.
After graduating from the Darden School of Business with my MBA, I joined Accenture as a Management Consultant. At Accenture, I have helped a variety of clients with front-to-back operating model redesigns, end-to-end business engineering, financial analysis and modeling, risk management, and business process design & implementation. I am highly skilled in the development and execution of strategic roadmaps to increase profitability, streamline operational processes, and optimize business performance.
I am interested in developing platforms that connect people together. I am always fascinated with learning how strangers meet and what connections bring them together. I am a firm believer that people - introverts and extroverts alike - are innately social and what separates the two groups is how they each choose to interact with others. What is often missing is the right catalyst to ignite that connection. My vision is to create a platform that serves as the fertile ground where these connection-based catalysts germinate.

I built Partake as a platform that will connect people based on shared interest in various activities. Join me on this beautiful journey if you are passionate about connecting people.
I am the founder of Partake - a mobile app startup.

My team has completed the development of the mobile app and it is now out in private beta. Partake is a fully featured mobile app - it is not an MVP. We have worked really hard over the past year to build a solid, beautiful looking, highly scalable native iOS mobile app. We went through several iterations of the interface, build, and UI/UX trials before arriving at the current build version which has been very well received by are beta test community.

We have conducted several focus groups at colleges and showcased our App to target users at various events such as music festivals and local community events to gauge interest and solicit feedback. Partake has been well received by everyone - and time and time again, we resoundingly are told about the growing pains that many people experience in trying to find people to enjoy social activities with and how Partake fills this void.

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