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I would like to find a co-founder who will ultimately serve as CTO. The initial stage would be discussing and determining how to best implement the idea technologically. From there, we would have to build the prototype. And then due to the scale of the idea, we would have to seek funding (would be my assumption). I may have an opportunity to reach out for such funding at the end of March, so it's imperative we move quickly.
- Developed and handle all aspects of my own e-commerce site with sales in 2011 of $150,000+ and enrolled an additional 150 product distributors, each of whom generated additional customer orders
- Founded a site called in 2006. The premise was a community for young adults to share information about "real world" issues they did not learn about in school (i.e. insurance, credit cards, etc.) Ultimately, the developer flaked and moving the operation off-shore didn't work. Decided not to sink more money in and folded it.
- Wrote an engaging product promo script and managed a cross-functional developer team to produce an animated video
- Wrote, produced and edited independent short film with $15,000 budget as well as produced other short films

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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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