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Santa Barbara
United States
I am looking for NON-TECHNICAL co-founders.

I was the first CTO of American Apparel, inventor of Medical Tourism (as in I created the world's first medical tourism company, PlanetHospital, in 2002 before the word Medical Tourism existed), took a software company public, created two video games. and produced two (awful) feature films.

Learn more about me at my linkedin profile.
I am however looking for NON-FINANCIAL/Non-tech co-founders on some projects that I have launched to create passive income streams. I do not have the time or bandwidth to manage them. Instead I find people to partner with and they take care of the marketing and admin while I do the tech part and we share in the proceeds. As you can see from my profile I always achieve my goals, whether it be making a movie, taking a company public, or launching start-ups. Yes there have been some spectacular failures, the last one nearly destroyed me, but that's the life of entrepreneur. Of course I cannot do it alone so sometimes I reach out to others and say "Wanna collaborate?" I have 3 projects each netting us (my partners and I) an average of $2-$3k per month EACH with a 4th now doing about $9k a month EACH. These are people I met on Facebook or LinkedIn So now I have two projects for which I am looking for new partners on. (CTO) (founder) (co-founder)
www.topdocs,tk (co-founder) (producer of actual feature films released by Sony and MGM

two public companies:,+Inc.+complete.-a020592524

And one colossal failure:
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