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I am good at creative ideas, turning technology previously used for oppression onto itself. Thinking methodically about every tactical stage of a problem and over-coming it. Being an expert in the field of security and generally having a good management style. I also like to take my work seriously but not myself seriously - life is too short!
I have an idea which if you can help me with the right technical prowess will save lives EVERY day...yes I mean that...we will great a product which people in the worlds most dangerous places will rely on (it's a pretty simple idea - I don't know why it hasn't been done before), if it fails many of them will risk death or torture...if your not capable of handling that type of pressure then please look on elsewhere...

I have a complete business idea with basic business plan already laid out. I can tell you exactly how our product will look from alpha stage all the way to final completion. We can be up and running on this in a few weeks. I just need the right app developer and UI/UX people...
Setup and worked for five years at Videre Est Credere - worlds leading NGO in the use of covert camera filming for human rights purposes. Run covert operations in a number of EMEA countries. Trained human rights defenders in the use of covert skills and technology. You can read more about what I have done here:

Also worked as a Middle East Researcher in the Houses of Parliament and have been 12 years as a Reservist Infantry Non-Commissioned Officer.
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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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