Developer (35)
West Chester, United States

About me

West Chester
United States
Product manager
I'm structured and organized. I'm very good at setting obtainable way points and reaching those under the deadline. I'm able to relay to the client how the production life cycle is impacting their product. I'm also very calm and collected in pressure situations.
Anything. As long as I'm working with someone who can move a project forward
Created a Six Degrees of Separation Finder for NHL players
Designed and Developed games in Quintus
Designed and Developed a number of websites
Created optimization and routing software for Dial a Ride services
Published work in mathematics
Design and building telescopes that could be operated remotely, take pictures, and store them
Worked on creating a bobber with sonar in it - didn't finish that though
over time (>40h/week)
unfortunately nothing

About my co-founder

to join someone who has a good idea for a startup
  • Biz developer
  • Designer
  • Investor
United States
half time (20h/week)