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Orlando, Florida, United States

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Orlando, Florida
United States
Biz developer
I have professional level skills in Web Design(Expression Web) Graphic Design(Photoshop) and Photography(For Web and Print). I have 16 years full time experience with successful startups.
I'd like to develop into it's full potential. It's already built now and receiving about 1,000 unique visitors a month now. It currently sells my books and receives lots of Web Design requests. I'd like someone to come in as a Co-Founder of
Nelson is a #1 best-selling business Author, 16-year Web Entrepreneur, Instructor at Udemy™ and founder of some of the Web's most successful businesses.

In the last 12-months he's released his new best-selling book 'Web Fluent' launched his controversial "The Provocateur Project" campaign.(warning R-rated.) and created the inspiring Entrepreneur Motto Stickers™.

His first book Best Website: Simple Steps to Successful Websites (2008) has been an Amazon paperback best-seller for two-years running and even hit #1 on the Kindle best-seller list.

He's best known for giving specific advice for how to build Web businesses that work. He is an expert Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Web Marketer. Full Bio at
full time (40h/week)
more than 20.000

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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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