Biz developer (37)
Elkridge, United States
Biz developer
United States
I've seen a lot at Ernst & Young auditing for several years and then in the M&A group. I also helped prepare a company go public and have worked with businesses ranging from $100K to $2B in Revenue.

I'm a CPA, MBA, Personal Train, Lifestyle and Weight Management consultant and licensed by Michael Gerber (author of the Emyth) as an Entrepreneur coach.
I'm here to do big things and that is what I'm prepared to do. Live 3V is an extension of myself and I believe that we all at one point in life, question our own existence.

The problems that plague our society like obesity, depression, unemployment, jobs moving overseas and so much more are all tied to what I believe is a lack of meaning. The "Why" we do what we do, not the how.

My mission is to see Live 3V through, a Company focused on helping individuals on a path towards self actualization. No answers are out there, they are all internal. So why pay for crazy services that promise ridiculous things? There are no quick fixes because the process is part of the solution. If it comes easy, it will never give you what you wanted it to.

So only time will tell, but I'm excited about this journey and hope to share Live 3V with so many people.
The items above really say it all, lots of experience doing many different things in the business world.
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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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