Developer (45)
Sydney Area, Australia

About me

Sydney Area
Biz developer, Designer, Engineer
I have over 15 years experience in software design and development, from embedded C/C++ to enterprise Java applications with dynamic HTML and VXML front-ends.

Java, about 10 years
- Java ME, Java EE, Spring, Android
- Maven build specialist
Embedded C/C++, about 5 years
- Z80, ARM, x86
- Windows UI & drivers, Linux kernel, Nucleus, LynxOS, USB protocol
JavaScript, TypeScript, about 4 years
- Node, Angular, React/Redux, Polymer, JQuery, Closure, GWT, MooTools, Prototype,
- Google Maps
- Grunt/Gulp builds
Ruby, about 1 year
- BDD test scripts, iOS & Android Map API for Cucumber
- Custom Puppet modules

My ideal project (I have previously set up and managed about 90% of the following):

Document requirements in BDD
- Cucumber or JBehave
- Created and maintained by 1 BA, 1 developer, 1 tester
- Signed off by customer
- JIRA Thucydides integration
Webpack/Gulp build for TypeScript/Javascript
- TypeScript -> JavaScript
- Sass -> CSS
- Multiple SVGs -> 1 web font
- Closure Compiler to validate, concatenate and minify JavaScript
- All static resources "rev"ed
- Unit tests & BDD e2e
Maven build scripts for Java/Kotlin
- Nexus or Artifactory
- Generate internal doco site - Markdown, APT & JavaDoc
- TDD software development
- JUnit & Mockito for Java
- Jest/Karma, Jasmine & PhantomJS for JavaScript
- "Ratchet" code coverage rather than enforce x%
Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment
- Git post-receive hook invokes Jenkins or Bamboo build & unit tests
- Maven builds and deploys Izpack or RPM installer
- Docker/Puppet provides configuration management with traceability
- Automated continuous deployment to BDD test environment
- Sonar code quality report generated nightly from Grunt and Maven builds
- JIRA advises when a release is ready, and is automatically updated upon regressions
- QA manager deploys tested artifacts to UAT (managed by Jenkins & Puppet)
- Pre-tested, auto/repeatable deployment to production
- "Conversational matching" to replace "Search" UX
- Improving public transport
Embedded, mobile, web and back-end development. Serverless, AWS/Google Cloud, CI/CD, DevOps
full time (40h/week)
more than 20.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Advisor
  • Biz developer
  • Developer
  • Investor
part time (10h/week)