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Tokyo, Japan

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Biz developer
--> Management, Sales, Marketing, Development

- Expertise: Data and Quantitative Analysis, Decision Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Data-Driven Personalization, KPI Dashboards and BPI Plans, Big Data Queries and Interpretation, Data Mining and Visualization Tools, Machine Learning Algorithms, Research, Reports and Forecasts

- Over 5 years research and experience in financial, insurance, medical, car industry, IT consulting domains Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Image Processing(Retrieval), Data Mining, Data Modeling and Exploration, computer programming languages such as Java, Python and C++, and databases like MySql, MongoDB

- Skills in analytical analysis with proven ability to read and interpret different points of data (strong listening skills, allowing me to carefully consider instructions and feedback from other staff members)

- Top written and oral communication skills providing the necessary tools to be able to present complicated information to a general audience of stakeholders (Outstanding problem-solving method to help me design the best strategies of measuring information and reviewing the results)
Looking for a (Co-)Founder for the next big idea. If you want to grab coffee and chat (f2f, skype, ...) over the next challenge you want to take or be a part of the founding team that builds the next life changing app - then let's do it.I'm looking for a (technical) co-founder, promoter to help push couple of ideas forward.

Living in Japan for more then 13 years (Ph.D. @ Tokyo Institute of Technology in Image Processing), I've already set up a startup in Japan for a half a year now. You'll be a part of the fundraising process, and I am going to keep everything 100 and transparent. Like I said, this is about as close to a good marriage as it gets.
[Among others] : Web Application, E-commerce, Healthcare industry, R&D, iOS, Android Dev
[Couple of Representative example]

- consulting services using Artificial Intelligence to digitalize human motion video and behavior from video via computer vision / deep learning software engineering
- developing image processing methods to predict emotional impacts of artistic images.
- Development of the CV algorithms in Intel RealSense SDK 2.0
- Analyzes of regular 2D RGB video and returning 3D motion data in real time
- Creating and improving existing algorithms via Intel RealSense Developer Kit featuring SR300
[ Education ]
1.Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (Doctor of Engineering) 2007/09

2.RWTH Aachen University, Germany Master in Computer Science 2004/07

3.Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary Bachelor of Software Engineering 2002/06
over time (>40h/week)
up to 100

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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