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Coventry, United Kingdom

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Biz developer
United Kingdom
Building Startups.
Digital Marketing
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Operations and Business Management
I already have a startup established with a live product (GeoMingle app), I'm looking for two co-founders to join, one as CTO (lead developer) (Preferably Java, Swift , PHP) and a business development/sales/partnership manager.
I have worked for 8 years at Vodafone and Oracle., Three previous startups , one previously secured angel and VC investment rounds.

Currently working full time on my startup GeoMingle (The tinder for business) live with 3000+ users, growing at 50+ new users per day. Its available on Android and iOS. I'm ready to move to the next level and looking for one or two co-founders to join me on the Journey.
full time (40h/week)
up to 20.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Advisor
  • Developer
  • Investor
  • Sales person
United States, United Kingdom
half time (20h/week)

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