Marketer (36)
London, United Kingdom

About me

United Kingdom
Biz developer
UX design, customer operations, Marketing, PR, Social Media, SEO. I enjoy getting things done and would manage the business side of things, particularly cashflow, marketing and customer relations. Your job would be to work on the product/tech.
I am sport-obsessed which is why I am developing my sports facility booking site, Ideally I'm looking for someone with a tech background who is equally as passionate about sport and wants to build something amazing to help increase UK sports participation. The goal is to build a really easy to use site to make it easier than ever to find and book sports facilities.
I was part of the launch team for WhipCar, which was the world's first neighbour-to-neighbour car rental club. Car owners are able to rent their cars out to people in their neighbourhood whenever they are not using them.

I am the co-Founder of OpenPlay which is a platform to connect sports facilities to their customers. It has an online booking system and search portal and is used by over 50 sports venues and counting.
over time (>40h/week)
up to 10.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Developer
part time (10h/week)