Marketer (36)
Austin, Texas, United States

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Austin, Texas
United States
Biz developer, Sales person
I am a serial entrepreneur. I have founded several businesses and grown them to 50 staff and over 3 million turn overs. My main skills are sales, marketing and business development. I can get any workable idea off the ground and find it's niche. I can also sell ice to Eskimos.
I love travel and personal development
An accomplished sales and niche marketing coach whose work has led him to multiple sales and Business awards, including Melbourne Business Award's - 2007 Young Achiever Award. Matthew uses this experience to educate others on effective sales methods and niche marketing strategies.

Matthew began an independent telecommunications company that went national in three years, turning over four million dollars per annum. In addition to his success in telecommunications, Matthew created a sales method for the Pollard Institute that saw over 3,000 students enrolled. Some of these clients included Australia’s premier national and state sporting teams, one of Australia’s largest retailers, many large national franchises as well as one of Australia’s largest medical companies and the Law Institute of Victoria. Matthew has developed a variety of lectures and presentations that provided guidance to professionals on everything from niche marketing to closing a sale and has earned him a seat on a training organizations Academic Board. Matthew has also been a paid guest speaker at events across Victoria, including government economic development events, designed to support Victorian businesses. He has also been a guest mentor and pitching coach at Startup Weekend.

Matthew has a number of publications and/or appearances to his credit including being a featured contributor and showcased in 'Successful Men in Business', published 2014. Recent articles “Getting to a Yes With Sales Scripting in 7 Easy Steps”, Entrepreneur, May 2014 (estimated readership over 1,000,000) and “How To Close That Sale – Why Is Closing A Sale So Scary”, Business West Magazine, June 2011, issue 10, pp. 22 (circulation 5,000 Businesses, estimated readership 13,000). Recent interviews include: “If Sales Can Be Learned”, Liberty Express Radio - School For Start Ups, December 2013 (estimated listenership 75,000) and “Sales Scripting”, Entrepreneur Podcast Network, December 2013, (estimated listenership 40,000).
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