Biz developer (41)
Sydney, Australia

About me

Biz developer
I founded new a startup, Village Raised, to allows schools to fundraise online using a crowdfunding model - and have built and launched the MVP myself. It's currently in operation gaining first sign ups and pledges.

I'm an ideas person, a marketing and communications strategist, with domain knowledge in several verticals (including Education), and 13 years professional experience.

I have been involved in a couple early stage startups, completed a startup incubator program (MEGA) and graduated the Founder Institute accelerator program with Village Raised. I am a follower of Lean principals.
Right now I am focused on helping parents, teachers & schools collaboratively fundraise for the benefit of kids well-being & education.

I also have interest and experience in the Creative Industries - filmmaking, games, publishing, transmedia, media art etc and would like to build gamification into my crowdfunding platform in the future.

Always interested in people and solving their problems, have applied my marketing experience to many different industries including advertising, education, business management, psychology, fast-moving-consumer-goods, and entertainment.

Following Lean methodology.
PLANE - a government funded online professional learning platform for teachers, which includes gamification, virtual worlds, 3D game, and accredited information-technology-communication (ITC) courses.

Prior to learning 'Lean' methodology worked on several projects that never reached investment/launch status - including locative alternate reality games and transmedia projects.

Specialise in creative low budget marketing communication strategies & have worked with a variety of companies and clients.
over time (>40h/week)
up to 2.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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