Product manager (24)
Lecce Area, Italy

About me

Product manager
Lecce Area
- Marketing systems
- Project management
- Advisoring
- Cypto trading
- Finance
- Team Management
- Growth Hacking
- Network and MLM
- CMS joomla!
- Web scrapping
- Email handling
- Translation Italian - English - Spanish - French
- Business planning
- Resources management advisoring
Co - partners, CFO, Business analysts, business strategists, viral marketers, think tanks, community managers, copywriters, advisors
I founded and had a preliminar talk with some of biggest european funds. They said i had to improve business plan and revenue strategies in addition to team. Now i do have a solid business strategy and i am building up an ultra skilled team that is still not complete.

I will be present at Tech Invest Europe event in Milan on 12 march to present the new project and ask a huge funding for it. My business analyst Alfonso Riccardi is giving me a more accurate analysis about our financial needs and pitch moke up.

I hope i can find good team mates, i'm ready to evaluate any kind of professional profile since i do have like an infinite projects and need all help i can find.

Don't worry about money or rewards, cause I'm preparing an ICO and there is a token supply to split between team members and company managers.

You can check all details in files attached

For any further information, here are my contacts:

Tel + 39 3247719487
over time (>40h/week)
unfortunately nothing

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Investor
part time (10h/week)

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