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I am interested in finding a business partner. I have a very unique product called Speed Razor.

Speed Razor will change the shaving experience for both men and woman. It will be the only razor in the marketplace that is held in the palm of your hand with two opposing blades which allows the consumer to shave in both directions. The ribbed finger wings give you total control while shaving and provides a non-slip.

Body hair grows in different directions. For the customer to get a close shave they must shave in different directions. Speed Razors patented design accomplishes this. You place the Speed Razor on the skin and move it in an upward and downward motion without lifting off the skin. The two opposing blades cut the hair in both directions. By not having to lift the razor off the skin prevents nicks from occurring.

Speed Razor was designed and engineered to innovate the way males and females shave their bodies in a faster and superior way by using a double ended razor. Speed Razor hugs the body and glides smoothly over the skin’s surface with less nicks. Most nicks occur when you continuously lift and place the razor on the skin’s surface. With the patented technology, the Speed Razor has two opposing blades on each end which allows the user to shave in two directions.

The size of the razor market is 15 billion U.S. and 33 billion worldwide. The demographics for this product is male or female aged from 20-52.

Grocery, drug and big box stores. Speed Razor currently has vendor packages from CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens and a purchase order from Harmon's.

Our competitive advantage is the patented design of the razor. Speed Razor is designed and engineered to innovate the way males and females shave their bodies in a faster and superior way by using a double ended razor.

Kevin Schmidt, Founder and President of Speed Razor Corp., has more than 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, land and real estate developer, builder and successful businessman. His successful career in real estate and land development has provided the business acumen and experience necessary to successfully manage multiple and often conflicting demands on resources and project timelines, while maintaining a direct understanding of cost management and profit maximization.

Kevin Schmidt gained his expertise in the manufacturing and distribution areas when he founded Dishwasher Magic, LLC in 1999. Schmidt identified a market need for an innovative dishwasher cleaning agent and guided the team developing the formulation, patented application and marketing plans to build Dishwasher Magic LLC into a multi-million-dollar consumer cleaning product company. Schmidt was responsible for designing the unique product packaging/applicator, supervised formulation of the cleaning solution, and managed all manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and sales and marketing. In 2001 it was awarded package of the year by Food & Drug Packaging and in 2002, Dishwasher Magic received EPA approval as a disinfectant for the dishwasher for e coli and salmonella.

As CEO of Dishwasher Magic, Schmidt introduced the innovative dishwasher cleaning agent to millions of purchasers as its principal spokesperson and salesman, using a variety of direct to consumer commercial, public relations and educational strategies. The product was sold in grocery, hardware, appliance repair shops, such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens N Things, Target, Ace Hardware and Fidelitone (one of the largest suppliers of appliance parts). The product was sold in more than 25,000 stores and was endorsed by GE, Maytag and Whirlpool. After building the brand and securing national distribution, Schmidt sold the product to leading, national consumer products cleaning agent developer and marketer.
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