Product manager (52)
San Francisco Bay Area, United States

About me

Product manager
San Francisco Bay Area
United States
Creating products people love.
Building teams that innovate.
Growing businesses.
Finding a co-founding member of our team with front-end engineering expertise, mastery of AngularJS, and a desire to work on something innovative rather than the same old boring app patterns -- someone who can understand the big picture, but still execute the fine details to deliver a great user experience.

Other interests include...
AI, Natural Language Understanding (NLP & NLU)
Applying technology to business problems in ways that make work smarter and more streamlined.
4x Internet entrepreneur:
Sold last company (an Ajax app platform and IDE) to a large publicly traded software company (then spent 10 years in enterprise software)
In the late 1990's built some of the first online shopping experiences for brand name companies.
In the mid-1990's built software a digital print-on-demand personalized product catalog system in the home furnishings industry.
full time (40h/week)
more than 20.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Engineer
United States
full time (40h/week)