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United States
Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager
If you can dream it, we can create it for you. Whether it is hardware, software, or just general strategy of how to get your idea off the ground, we can do it. We bring years of experience in both the public and private sectors and have the knowledge and connections to make you and your company successful.
Hardware, Robotics, Sensors, Software, Engineering, 3D Printing, Wearables, UAV, Intellectual Property, etc.
We are recognized for our highly skilled and experienced engineering and robotics team. Our engineers have project experience for NASA, DARPA, Oceaneering, The US Navy, The US Army, and the US Patent Office.
full time (40h/week)
unfortunately nothing

About my co-founder

to join someone who has a good idea for a startup
  • Advisor
  • Biz developer
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Engineer
  • Investor
  • Marketer
  • Product manager
  • Sales person
  • Someone else (just send me a message)

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