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Biz developer
Hoboken, New Jersey
United States
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My core competencies include Strategy, Product, Leadership, Management, Sales, Partnerships, and Community. I have a strong attention to detail, an obsession with nuance, and a deep commitment to the “Why” behind our effort. I believe people should have the ability to influence the decisions and issues that impact their lives. I believe that people should be able to be easily involved in the world that exists beyond work, family, and friends. People should be able to lead, mobilize, organize, and engage with ease and effectiveness, and, yet, we simply don’t have the right technology in today’s world for that (even though power is clearly shifting to the crowd!). (If you agree with any of that, I'd love to chat).

I bring a high level of commitment, energy, optimism, and passion to the work and to those around me. I am an experienced project manager and executor with a penchant for strategic deployment and planning. I have a strong sense of pattern analysis, organization, and delivery. I am committed to making the world a better place through meaningful, purposeful technology that can empower people.
We’re building a community engagement platform that is unlike anything in the market today. We’re focused on strengthening democracy, civic engagement, and civil society with purposeful technology. It is less political than you think as it can be used for non-profits, schools, clubs, businesses, unions, etc. as well. Our mantra is simple civic engagement and strong leader-community relationships. Even the busiest people should be able to participate if we can give them a powerful, purposeful tool set. Definitely check out our (in progress) website!

I am looking for a technical co-founder who can get behind our mission, contribute to our vision, and serve not solely as a developer, but as a leader and communicator as well. From a technical perspective, LAMP experience is required and full-stack is preferred. We work with PHP, Node, NPM, Grunt, Strider CI, Bitbucket, AWS, Kharma, Symfony2, Doctrine, Kharma, RabbitMQ, PhoneGap/Cordova, and many other interesting technologies and frameworks to keep our code clean and understandable.

We are in a significantly less-risky situation compared to our initial start. The app is built and in the app store, the concept has been validated, and customers and partnerships are lined up. There’s still a lot more work to be done to improve the system and bring us closer to our vision, but it’s a great opportunity to join a start-up in a relatively low-risk situation. No cash out of pocket is needed although you will need to support yourself until we’re generating enough revenue, etc.

In the interest of transparency: We are looking for a technical co-founder at this time because our previous contracted developer has to leave to focus on family issues. You will be joining two relatively new part-time developers who you will eventually lead and manage. Our team is small, remote, and we’re trying to keep it that way as long as possible – we’re trying to bootstrap as long as possible. If we do seek outside funding, it will be impact-focused. The ideal co-founder is located in the greater NYC area and has either skills, connections, or ideas to contribute beyond development. There must be a strong affinity with our mission. You can start at part-time, but starting at full-time is preferred.

On a personal note, I enjoy working out, surfing, wine, cooking, philosophy, and hanging with friends. As committed as I am to the project (working well over 40/week on it), I do make time to be social and give back to the world beyond work/family/friends with, no surprise, involvement in various civic organizations. If you’re interested in this collaborative opportunity, I would love to chat. If you want to provide advice, contribute pro bono, or explore a potential part-time opportunity, definitely reach out, too. Thanks for reading!
I was a top-rated Deloitte technology strategist for 5 years, a two-term former business school student government president, and a non-profit board president, although I have had many experiences that collectively have brought me to this endeavor. I currently serve on a large national non-profit board as chair of strategic alliances as well as on the steering committee for a global citizens movement and as an advisor to a global civil society campaign. I write often about technology, leadership, democracy, and community, and I have spoken on these topics in the US and abroad.

Since leaving Deloitte to focus full-time on Powerline in August 2013, we have won special recognition in the Better Government Competition, a grant from the European Union to bring Powerline to Europe, and recognition as a “fearless idea” in the University of Maryland’s statewide innovation campaign (i.e. on buses, malls, campus, etc.). I worked with dozens of people to collectively create the vision for our product and have a number of potential customers and strategic partnerships ready to launch when ready. I ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign with 200 donors and grew that support community to 350 people. By working with many others, I have designed the product and overseen the development of our platform to its recent launch to the app store. While we are not trying to push to the public at this time, we are working with our community and a few early adopter organizations to improve the platform to give ourselves the best chance for long-term success as possible.
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