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Interview with co-founders Slobodan and Ilkka

Hi guys, tell us a little bit about yourself, how you guys met and what have you done before starting Jamifind?

Slobodan Stanić is an experienced software developer with a background in design and development. He's also a music enthusiast. Ilkka Mäentakanen is an entrepreneur and angel investor with a background in marketing, communications and forestry management. He's also a part time rockstar.

Slobodan had just moved to Helsinki, Finland and had started working as a developer when we, the future founders of Jamifind, met on Founder2be.com in early 2014.

How did you come up with the idea? And how did it evolve over time? Did you do any pivots or adjustments from when you started until today?

The original idea came from Slobodan as he was looking for help for his "Jam with Me"-app. The idea was to organise jams that would show on a map and people could join in and start networking. Soon after emailing we met for a few weeks and had numerous brainstorming sessions where we thought about different angles and possible monetizing models to develop the idea further. During the summer of 2014 the idea of the "market place" for musicians and music teachers started to become clearer and that's how Jamifind was born.

What’s the problem you are solving with Jamifind?

The spark that ignited the creation of Jamifind came from the realisation that people are still using bulletin boards at supermarkets, old school web-forums or Facebook groups to e.g. find a missing bass player for their band or promote their music lessons business. These ads usually give very little information on the person who is advertising: their background, music interests, skill level, education or the like. These are some of the problems we wanted to solve with Jamifind. For us it's all about bringing musicians together - easily and effectively.

How did you guys launch and what are your next steps?

We launched the beta-version of Jamifind in June 2016 with our few hundred pre-subscribers. Now we are focusing on user acquisition and developing new features for better user engagement while keeping our eyes peeled for possible revenue channels. For our teacher-members we got a few ideas for premium accounts to go forward with.

When did you Slobodan start looking for a co-founder?

I started looking for a co-founder when I moved to Finland in late 2013. I heard only the best things about the Finnish startup scene and I thought about giving it a try. I was also very lucky to meet Oliver, founder of Founder2be in person and became a fan of his service from day one.

Any plans for fund raising?

We have got external funding from a strategic investor and also a few angel investors are already on board. However we are looking for further investments and our current seed-round is still open.

Tell us a bit about your matching experience using Founder2be.

Matching seems to work, at least based on our experience but it took more than just creating a profile and expecting for magic to happen, so we also had to work for it, meaning messaging multiple people who seemed to be interested and so on.

What did you like best about using Founder2be to find your co-founder?

The service is really straight forward, which is great. The filtering is easy and that's also important. For the rest, as I said, you just have to put in some effort.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start or join a startup and looking for a co-founder?

Remember that everything takes more time than you would think. So patience is definitely a virtue. Every startup is more or less in a state of chaos all the time but you shouldn't let that sense of rush take you over or cloud your judgement. Honesty is also very important. Good communication skills also play a key role when building a new startup - you have to understand that when you're explaining something to someone new, that you yourself have been involved in for months, you need a well-designed message. And don't forget to have fun. Life really is not that serious and we are not that important and we are not doing as cool and unique things as we sometimes think we are doing. :)

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