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San Francisco
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Building killing products. I designed an Internet search engine with more than 10 million web pages and personalization functions to improve search experience. I have a high technical level. I am good at user experience, building beautiful products.
I am the founder of Ximpia, "Making Easier App Development". Mission for this project is "Decrease web application development cost and reduce time to market with an easy to use agile environment.

I look for a developer / programmer for this exciting project, as well as a business developer guy with experience in social media.

Framework is composed of a back-end part and visual part. The back-end part is based on django and based on services (views and actions), decorators and app flow engine. The visual part is based on jQuery plugins which accept parameters from "data-" attributes. Therefore, there is no need for javascript development, only configure visual components that merge backend data from server to produce the final HTML5 code.

Integration with EC2, Beanstalk, Heroku to make pretty simple creation of apps and their deployment.

Very fast application development with "Page Designer" with drag and drop visual objects. Ability to build visual components templates and django forms associated with page, only need to copy and paste to insert into your application.

Navigation pretty easy with workflow engine integrated into the framework.

API building very easy based on Ximpia services with oauth2 support.

Business patterns design to allow simple business tasks like saving form data, processing business rules, etc... Visual interpretation of business rules.
Buscaplus (Internet Search Engine), Ximpia (Python / jQuery Framework)
full time (40h/week)
up to 1.000

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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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United States
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