New game with clients on android mobil phones and web page "central" with map. Players use GPS to complete tasks, gain levels, ... We will create detail rules after assemby complete team.Current team members: 2 developers, 1 graphic designer.We are searching developers  (perharps designers). There is no budget.Beta release plan - september 2011 

iPhone Photo App

Looking for: Developer
An iPhone photo app to make 4 photos in a row, just like in a real photobooth. After taking the four pictures, it should generate one big picture out of them by adding white borders around each single picture and displaying them in a bit overlapped way - as if the photos where spread on a table...People could use the…
a marketplace for the talentedimagine you need quickly advice on a matter and all guys/experts in your phonebook are busy or can't help? what do you do? ask them for future pointers/references? ask about it on twitter, quora? :-)not anymore, you go to the marketplace for the talented via web or (in Finland) call 0600-talent. you'll select the advisor you…
Briefly:- there are many cabin all over world (main market is Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Britain, Canada, USA) to be rented- there is no all-in-one online platform to look for cabins- a service similar to but for cabins could have a niche- business model would be commission based just like with & hotelworld.comWhatta ya think? Feedback?
After a nasty virus kills 99% of the population you find yourself alone in a town with no electricity, water and food, and you have to find some other survivors and restart from scratch a new culture. If you can survive long enough!
Fleet of electric/hybrid cars for hotel chains ala food is becoming really hot in Finland. Foodzie could work in Finland, but it would certainly need products from local producers (+ probably some good foreign ones too). 
This online route planner contains straight tips along the route for your personal profile.
Within a specific segment of culture
As you know India is a country with 1.2 billion population undergoing IT boom very rapidly adding around 5 million broadband connections every year . So this is a time to setup a new education content providing website for educational institutes of India . According to my calculations there will be a target audience of around 50 million in next…