Zempta Cloud - Simple, Scalable & Affordable Infrastructure

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
tl;dr; Building scalable affordable infrastructure for developers and company's. Looking for Developers, Designers, Marketers and more. Please read more/ contact Joe Grimes if you're interested. Contact details: http://joegrim.es/contact/

I'm Joe Grimes, an experienced developer that builds reliable and scalable infrastructure. This idea builds upon allowing developers and company's to build their stacks and datastores upon a custom built HEX powered SSD based infrastructure.

This market is growing so rapidly, although there are already some huge players... theres certainly room for more. Zempta Cloud is focused on providing impeccable performance and reliability at over 60% cheaper than the competition, targeting small developers and company's who require large stacks and infrastructure. Or anyone looking for a huge saving without a downgrade or loss of performance.

Currently http://zempta.com/discover displays a base model. The prices are still in the very early discussion stage, theres a high chance they will be raised slightly to fit the current market. Please send an email if you're interested even if you don't fit a listed place, we wish to consider everyone who is interested.

The current model has received lots of interest and we already have lots of people looking to work with us, I'm reaching out to fill our available positions.

Marketing Manager

  • Previous experience around building successful marketing campaigns
  • Previous experience in understanding and utilising marketing strategies
  • An understanding of the current market
  • Previous management skills

Front-End Web Developer/Designer

  • Previous experience in clean and functional web design
  • We need extremely fast loading times, take advantage of modern techniques such as HTML5, JS Frameworks and only loading dependencies from fast providers (such as Google) if required. (I better not see any Flash).
  • Experience with AJAX and managing heavy loads/CDNS if possible 

Designer/Artist/Product Designer

  • Marketing and advertising design experience
  • Can produce clean and clear designs that match the company's theme
  • Consistency and fast turn-arounds on designs are key

Instance Network Deployment Manager/Back-end Designer/Developer

  • Previous experience in VM deployment and back-end design management
  • Previous experience with KVM Virtualization deployments & provisioning
  • An understanding of linux based provisioning

Back-End Web Developer

  • Previous experience with fast data retrieval
  • Previous experience with managing big-traffic (CDN?)
  • Building for cross region development. Incredibly fast worldwide
  • Experience with hooking onto API's to handle panel deployment/management
  • Experience with handling billing and accepting payments (PayPal or more)
  • Experience with keeping all traffic secure and encrypted
May be required;
Database architects
Experienced Sys admins
Beta testers
Anything you can suggest (open to suggestions, please send an email)

This start-up is managed and maintained by Joe Grimes. If you're looking to invest, apply for available positions or gather more information, please contact him directly. Contact details available on http://joegrimes.co.uk/contact/

Find more details about the project here; 
ontact Joe Grimes here;

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