YouTube app which suggests videos based on your interests from different social accounts.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person

Problem Statement:

  1. Searching for nice YouTube videos takes time

  2. We often end up with watching same videos multiple times

  3. Managing a playlist becomes difficult

Proposed Solution:

  1. Let the app suggest videos you should watch based on your interests from different social accounts.

  2. Option to watch only the best videos, i.e. videos which were viewed by many people, videos which are trending now etc.

How It works:

Step 1:

Connect your social accounts

We learn from social accounts on what topics you are interested and use it to predict the videos you might like.

Step 2:

Choose the mood and language

Configure and map the keywords with different moods. In backend, a system should be available to tag videos to different moods, languages etc..

Step 3:

Watch and enjoy

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea