Your professional achievements validator and VC Index Score tool

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About Validated Career Index
We are on-line tool validates individual's (registered user may be fresher or experienced) career achievements via their associates (work or college teaching staff).

This tool (focuses only on the functional aspect) invites user to list his work achievements and based on the input (rating) given by listed associates, calculates VC Index score.

The pre-screened or validated database of these candidates (registered users) along with their VC Index Score is made available for recruiters and HR people to search and recruit (as pre-screened and validated candidates).

Highlights of on-line tool – Validated Career Index

·         Score generated is positive and range between scale of 1 to 5 (from low to high)

(Score reflects intensity of work associates agreement to user's claim to each achievement).

·         It is a free service for users to register whether, Working professionals and Freshers (just out of College / University).

·         Targets Corporates / Recruiting companies/ Independent recruiters to use our database for employment. The service offered is charged.

·         It empowers individual professionals with score, since the tool calculates rating given by work associates.

·         The tool permits user to self-rate and generate VC Index Score, the user may offer to recruiters self-score as comparison to associates score.

 The tool is an attempt to offer itself as support in few effective ways to –

HR / recruiting fraternity

·         Identifying validated performers during candidate search,

·         Generate confidence between recruiters & corporate HR for providing matching candidates which are pre-validated and also scored for their achievements.

·         Post recruitment, cutting down effort put by corporates or recruiters to back check candidate's credentials.

Individual Users

·         Building self-brand with better rating (similar to what S&P, Moody’s do to corporates)

·         Stand out as achiever from the crowd

·         Develop premium status as candidate based on prescreened achievements and Index score.

Way forward

To position this on-line tool as essential pre-screening for manpower recruitments across industries and simultaneously empower users with validation score, position self as certified prospect to recruiters and also in future partner with credit score for much more value.

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